Sunday, May 20, 2012

Skagit Valley - Tulips

We all have seen the mind-blowing, colourful enchanting Tulips in many of our Indian movies. As the actors sway and sing along these beautiful bloom, you must have awed at this beauty ignoring the actors ;-)

This flower comes in so many wide range of vibrant colours, it is known as third popular flower after rose and chrysanthamum.

Tulips are not native to Holland !
I also had this notion until I started with this post :)

To have tulips in one’s home, was as impressive as having a Ferrari in your garage today. This was in 1600s and the time was referred as 'Tulip Mania' !!

Today tulips are synonymous with Holland. It has become its symbol alongside with windmills and wooden shoes !

The Skagit Valley in Washington state cannot be compared to vast fields of Holland, but its surely worth a visit, specially if you haven't seen these beauties before.
Skagit Valley hosts a festival for this flower during the month of April.

** All pictures above were shot in Skagit Valley.

Few Tips:
- Check the Bloom map at this link, for updated info on the Tulip bloom prior to planning your trip.
- Expect heavy traffic and crowd during the bloom weekends.
- Biking, Kite-flying are other things you could also plan during this trip :)

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