Sunday, March 17, 2013

By the beach side ...

~ Life is better at the beach
~ Sweet life at the salty sea
~ Life's at ease with an ocean breeze
~ I long for salt air in my hair 
~ Keep clam and go to the Beach :)
(Pinspiration quotes)

Last weekends outing to the beach...the scene reminding of the delightfully nostalgic Cyprus !

The sunny days in Seattle are such a blessing that we had to step out. 

The main plan was bird-watching and daffodil bloom in the Skagit region, but we ended driving west towards Anacortes.

The beach was pretty crowded no doubt...Mr Sun was out !

Flock of seagulls by the beach side...finally we did some bird watching as well.

A few feasting over the unattended picnic snacks :)

We had some fun flying our very own bird ... the Macau Kite !

More pictures on the scene in Skagit Valley on our way back the next post.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Granite Falls

(From the Archives)

This is a pretty small water fall in comparison to many others in the north-west region, cascading about 40 feet vertically and about 300 feet of run. But during high-water season, the force of the water is immense. It seemed like a miniature Rhine Falls !

The abundance of granite in the gorge where the falls are located gave its name. Subsequently, the city of Granite Falls also got its name on this falls. 
The falls is just about 1 mile north of the city of Granite Falls.

Directions :
Follow the signs for the highway out of town (mountain loop highway). After about 1 mile, there is a big sign on the left that says "Granite Falls Fishway". A path leads down to the falls.
Google Maps - here.