Friday, April 26, 2013

Cherry Blossom - University of Washington, Seattle

If you ever looked up for image of University of Washington, you would have seen image of this building surrounded by a beautiful canopy of cherry blooms.

These are the 31 Yoshino Cherry trees lining the Liberal Quadrangle of the UW, most commonly known as the Quad. 

And this is a scene which happens only once a year for like two weeks ! Weather permitting, the cherry blossom may stay a week longer.

other trees in the campus which were also in bloom ...

The beautiful clear blue Seattle sky making the scene even better !

When exactly the cherry blooms just depends on the ever-changing weather of the north-west.
When they do bloom, this place is just magical ...

attracting every tourist and picnicker..
I didn't get to see on my visit, but I am sure every wedding photographer in the area would be here. Probably they prefer the weekdays to avoid the crowd!

Images by Anupama Puneeth

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