Saturday, April 6, 2013

Skagit Valley

Scene along the Skagit region on our way back from Anacortes.

Of the many great offerings of this region, bird watching is one. 

Not sure what these tall trees are called...a lots of them in this region.

The daffodils were yet to bloom. I forgot to check this myself, but this webpage comes in handy if you plan on visiting this area in the coming weeks to see Daffodils or Tulips.

The busy Daffodil farms

If you love daffodils, tulips and springtime, you are sure to enjoy the trip to Skagit Valley in April. Check this bloom map for latest info.

Here are some pictures from my last year's visit to Skagit Valley.

Information Tips :
Skagit Valley Bird Watching info -
Tulips Bloom Map -

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