Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Biking for a cause

At Logan Pass, we were returning from our hike to 'Hidden Lake'. While I was trying to slide my way down on the snowy trail, I got into conversation with a fellow hiker. He was a student from UV of Texas... he and his group were on a biking expedition for a cause !
Unfortunately since our speed was not matching up, I couldn't really get to speak much, but the info he had shared was lingering in my thoughts and was amazed.

When I returned to the parking lot, I couldn't miss spotting these vans and the mission they were heading. Kudos !

On returning home, I googled to find this -

On June 1, 2013, many students from the University of Texas embarked on a journey of their life .... to bike 4500 miles from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska.
Their mission - to spread Hope, Knowledge, and Charity for the fight against cancer.

Photographs by Anupama Puneeth

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