Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mt Shuksan and Picture Lake

An exhilarating view of Mt Shuksan in the Picture lake ... not to forget mentioning that this shot was taken at 4:00AM !

yes..that's right at 4:00AM. And no it wasn't my dedication to capture at this time :)

There was strong predication to view aurora that previous night. It was friday night and was worth the effort, so we joined some friends and headed to Mt Baker ski area.
Unfortunately we didn't get to see the Aurora (though some friends who explored the following night did see !!!). So since we were up until 3:00AM anyways, we decided to stay until sunrise and managed to capture this shot in half-asleep state !

Photograph by : Anupama Puneeth


  1. Superb pic Anu...sleepless in seattle :-) worth the wait I should say ...

  2. @Vidhya, sleepless indeed. Though it was disappointing we didn't see the aurora, glad we waited a bit to see this exhilarating view.