Monday, February 17, 2014

Guided Snow shoe hikes

A ranger led snow-shoe hikes - an interesting yet a safe way to explore some of Washington's unexplored trails which are covered under snow in winter !

These events are conducted at various locations such as Snoqualmie Pass, Steven's Pass, Mount Baker etc. More information on variety of these events can be found here.

Last weekend we explored the 'Kids in snow' event conducted by the Forest services at the Snoqualmie West summit. However it was snowing pretty heavy that I did not dare take out my camera. These are pictures from same event that we had attended last year.

Unlike the name, this program is not just for the kids ! It is an easy 90 minute family walk... which moves at a relatively slow pace to match the kids. 

The ranger shared a lot of information about forest winter, adaptation and survival of animals and plants in this harsh climate, the tree wells and it's danger. You may even have chance to check their collection of animal prints and fur. If you are lucky, may be spot some birds and critters too !

A fun surprise for the kids on this hike .. "Smokey" the Bear !

Snow covered restrooms

If you love hiking and not discouraged by the winter, do check for these guided snow hikes in your region to explore some hidden trails this winter.
For those in Pacific northwest, this link would give some useful information.

All photographs by: Anupama Puneeth


  1. Looks exciting...Some of the pics have come out exceptionally well. Unfortunately this isn't something I will be able to get through though :(

    1. Vidhya .. thanks for your comments as always :-)
      It's worth a try !

  2. Miss the snow trek at kaledonia...this looks amazing as well..

    1. Vid ... you bet. It amazes me how we did those treks with no gears !
      Do you remember our smart solution ... follow the big foot ;-)