Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Season of Blossoms

"Blessings drop their blossoms all around you." ~ Rumi

Spring is finally here ! Here in the northwest it has been a beautiful start with cherry blossoms everywhere. Few frames captured around the neighborhood -

Also check this earlier post on Cherry blossoms at the Washington University - Quad.

While March is seized by the cherry blossoms, April is for Tulips  :-)
If you are in this region, do plan your trip to the Skagit region. More info, pictures - here.

Photographs by - Anupama Puneeth


  1. How cool to have found your blog. I share your passion for travel and photography.
    Some of it has been showcased on a blog that i co author with a friend. Stop by Aalayam sometime.
    Will definitely browse through your posts..
    the cherry blossoms are more than just a springtime ritual, no?


  2. Deepa..thank you for stopping by. It is certainly great to connect with someone with same interest. Would surely visit Aalayam soon :)